I often see and hear people saying, “why would you want to use essential oils in your cooking recipes?” My question is, “why wouldn’t you want to? They provide a layer and complexity of flavor that you can’t typically get from the fresh or dried herbs.”Cinnamon-Applesauce-Recipe

Since many of the Young Living Essential Oils come from edible herbs they can be enjoyed in your favorite recipes – of course the essential oils must be used sparingly due to their being so potent… think of them as being extremely concentrated plant extracts. Since you use such small amounts of the essential oils to flavor foods and beverages it is quite economical.

This Cinnamon Applesauce recipe is the perfect addition to your autumn and winter holiday menu – it tastes delicious and helps you to maintain a weight management program too!

I like to select great eating apples for this recipe because it reduces the need to add a sweetener, too many sugary treats can rack up calories fast during the winter months!

When you include all of the old-fashioned apple varieties we’re talking about thousands to choose from. Here’s a link to an apple website, Orange Pippin, that lists hundreds of apple varieties if you would like to explore what’s out there and then look for it at your favorite farmers market or shop.

When you’re reading the description at the Orange Pippin website take note of the ‘flavor’ described, I like to look for flavor traits as good eating or dessert apple when making an apple sauce recipe.

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Cooking with Essential Oils: Cinnamon Applesauce Recipe
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