Product Review: Compact Essential Oils Carrying Case (holds 42 - 15ml bottles) | The Lavender GuidesThis is perhaps one of the most practical essential oil carry cases available. It is easy to take on long and short trips and vacations (put it in your checked luggage if you’re flying though), to meetings, on hiking and camping outings, and school outings.

What I like most about this little 9″ x 8″ x 3.5″ essential oil carrying case is it is absolutely perfect for bug-out bags in emergency preparedness circumstances too! Just put it in your larger bug-out bag or even in your get out-of-dodge-quick bag, or in your first aid kit bag.

The fact that it holds 42 bottles of essential oils and opens flat makes it a perfect option for emergency situations when you want everything to be lying flat and easily accessible.

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This compact carry bag is made from microfiber material and has 2 zippered compartments where your oils go.

One compartment holds 12 bottles and has mesh pockets.

The second bottom compartment holds 30 bottles in a tight secure foam section.

And, there’s even a little interior pocket, perfect for stashing your essential oil pocket reference book or your business cards if you’re using this bag for meetings.

This smart compact essential oils carrying case comes in these colors: Purple, Eggplant, Black, Turquoise.

Here’s the bag shown laying open flat with bottles of essential oils being held in place by the two mesh pockets. Also note the opened flap with a zipper, this is where you could stash business cards or a pocket reference.

Product Review: Compact Essential Oils Carry Case (holds 42 - 15ml bottles) | The Lavender GuidesThis next photo shows the bottom zipper opened where the foam insert is located. This is where your 5ml or 15ml would also be placed for secure transporting. I use this area for keeping my more expensive essential oils and extra bottles of the ones that are used most often (I like to have extras for back-up).

The bag has a hand-carry handle but it also comes with a longer strap for carrying on your shoulder.

I like this bag for many reasons, which are stated above. Here’s the link to buy this bag.

Product Review: Compact Essential Oils Carry Case (holds 42 - 15ml bottles) | The Lavender Guides

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