Aroma Wrap to Relieve Stressed Shoulders and Neck

The Aroma Wrap is a luxury hot/cold neck wrap is the very finest neck wrap ever created!

From the moment you take it out of the box, prepare to fall in love with this baby blanket soft, fashionable and luxurious neck and shoulder wrap. The Aroma Wrap is made of ultra soft fabrics and best engineered design features, you will enjoy your Aroma Wrap for years to come. Combining essential oils with the long known benefits of neck wraps help to reduce neck and shoulder tension – find essential oil suggestions below.

Add your favorite essential oils for a personalized aromatherapy experience like no other. Simply add a few drops onto provided cotton rounds and slip rounds into cuffs on end of sleeve for ultimate aromatherapy bliss.

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The removable/washable sleeve keeps your wrap as a constant companion for the long haul.

There are five separate natural herb and grain filled inner chambers which allow for complete coverage of the aching and tense muscle relief areas in neck and shoulders…. Psst (cheapies from far away lands have inside filling sliding all over the place except where you desire).

The Aroma Wrap has a pass through pocket for securing the wrap on your neck and shoulder area – no more holding handles and creating more tension in an area you are seeking relief. Simply drape it over your neck and shoulders, relax and enjoy the benefits.

Aroma Wrap a Luxury Home Spa Wrap to Relieve Stressed Shoulders and Neck

The Aroma Wrap can be used as a heated or cooled wrap for year-round enjoyment and refreshment.

To make your wrap heated: Simply microwave when seeking the moist heat benefit. The Aroma Wrap has great heat retention properties (30 minutes plus) per 90 seconds in microwave eliminating the need to reheat it every 5-10 minutes like other wraps!

To make a cold wrap: place your wrap in the freezer for a soothing cool down experience.

The Aroma Wrap is lightweight, under 2 lbs. and is filled with all-natural herbs/grains (Rice, Flaxseed, and Lavender Buds). No environmentally unhealthy styrofoam beads!

The Aroma Wrap is available in four beautiful color combinations to choose from, for men and women.

Pick up an Aroma Wrap here and a second one as a lovely gift for someone special!

Aroma Wrap a Luxury Home Spa Wrap to Relieve Stressed Shoulders and Neck

Young Living Essential Oil Suggestions to Use With Your Aroma Wrap

  • Lavender – soothing and relaxing
  • Peppermint – head, neck shoulder tension
  • Gentle Baby – calming and relaxing for mom and little one
  • Release – let go of stressful thoughts to restore a healthy balance
  • Frankincense – deepen spiritual or prayer practice
  • Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood – deepen meditation practice
  • Transformation – shift from stagnant emotional states
  • Oola Balance – align and rebalance your center
  • Peace & Calming – unwind and calming
  • Harmony – balance energy centers
  • Joy – light-heartedness and happiness
  • Envision – stimulate creativity
  • Dream Cather – positive dreams




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