Diffusing: The Best Way To Enjoy Aroma-therapy

Diffusing is one of the most popular ways to use Young Living essential oils.

Whether you’re diffusing for aromatherapy purposes, or to combat odors or undesirable germs – diffusing therapeutic-grade essential oils is a sure winner for improved wellness around the home, office, or on the go.

Benefits of Diffusing Essential Oils:

  • Diffusing is one of the most effective and convenient ways to experience the many effects of essential oils.
  • Diffusing is a perfect way to improve you home, work, or study environment.
  • Diffuse oils to purify the air and neutralize mildew, cigarette smoke, or other disagreeable odors.
  • Diffuse oils for their calming and emotionally balancing effects.
  • Diffuse oils for their mental stimulating and retention effects when studying.
  • Diffuse before retiring for bed to help bring about a restful sleep.
  • Diffuse before guests arrive during the holidays to help bring a sense of peace and harmony.

Some Essential Oils for Diffusing

  • For Peace & Happiness: Joy, Harmony, Gratitude, Inner Child
  • For Unwinding: Peace & Calming, Lavender, Chamomile, Release, RutaVaLa, Stress Away, The Gift
  • For Challenging Times: Acceptance, Believe, Forgiveness, Humility, Oola Balance
  • For Spiritual Connection: Awaken, Frankincense, Hinoki, Sandalwood, Sacred Mountain
  • For Uplifting Mood: Citrus Fresh, Joy, Harmony, Hope
  • For Kids: Gentle Baby, Peace & Calming, Lavender, Brain Power, Joy
  • For Creativity: Build Your Dream, Inner Child, Inspiration, Oola Grow, Magnify Your Purpose, Transformation
  • For Bad Odors: Purification, Thieves, Citrus Fresh
  • For Romance: Sensation, Rose
  • To Bring Abundance: Abundance, Build Your Dream, Gratitude, Highest Potential
  • For Winter Holidays: Christmas Spirit, Thieves, Evergreen Essence
  • For Back-To-School Wellness: Thieves, Purification, Citrus Fresh
  • For Studying: Brain Power, Lemon, Peppermint

Heat, Diffusers and Essential Oils

Young Living has several diffusers that are specially designed to ‘not’ ruin the benefits of your high quality essential oils. Since heat can destroy the healing and germ fighting properties of any essential oil, it is never advisable to use burner type diffusers, lamp ring diffusers, or candle burners. Scented candles, candle burners, and aromatherapy oil burners, may look pretty they are certainly not a means to produce a desirable wellness benefit.

The Young Living diffusers are easy to use and are nice looking. Depending upon your needs you will want to choose the right diffuser to match your household.

Which Diffuser is Right for Your Needs…

NEW! Dino Land and Dolphin Reef Diffusers for Kids

Young Living’s Dino Land Ultrasonic Diffuser features color-illuminated vapor “erupting” from a prehistoric volcano, surrounded by menacing T. rex, triceratops, and pterodactyl figures. Captivate your children’s imaginations and transport them into a Jurassic wonderland, all while enjoying the benefits of diffusing Young Living’s 100 percent pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils.Large Assortment of Aromatherapy Diffusers | The Lavender Guides

The Dolphin Reef Ultrasonic Diffuser features a playful mother dolphin and her calf swimming through color-illuminated vapor released by pink sea sponges. The colorful coral, starfish, sea anemones, and a pearl-bearing giant clam will captivate your children’s imaginations and transport them into an undersea wonderland.

The patents-pending Dino Land and Dolphin Reef Diffuser ‘s act as an atomizer, aroma diffuser, and night-light  all in one fun-filled, simple-to-use product and includes: a proprietary, interchangeable diffuser  cover system. Innovative diffuser motor compatible with additional diffuser covers (other covers sold separately, see item numbers below for ordering).

Features of the Dino Land and Dolphin Reef Diffusers

  • Continuous or intermittent (10 minutes on/10 minutes off) ultrasonic diffusion with automatic shutoff
  • Four white under-panel soft LED lights with on/off settings
  • Six “volcanic eruption” LED light settings (red, white, green, blue, alternating, and off)

Note: You can buy one complete diffuser and then buy the other cover since they are interchangeable, see the item numbers below…Dolphin Reef Diffuser and many others | The Lavender Guides

Item #5332 — Dino Land Diffuser includes the cover, diffuser motor, AC Power adaptor, Operation Manual. The multi-compatible diffuser motor that is included with the Dino Land Diffuser can also be used with the Dolphin Reef Diffuser Cover #5335 which is sold separately).

Item #: 5333 — Dolphin Reef Diffuser includes the cover, Diffuser Motor, AC Power Adaptor, Operation Manual. The multi-compatible diffuser motor that is included with the Dolphin Reef Diffuser can also be used with the Dino Land Diffuser Cover #5334 which is sold separately.

Primary Benefits of the Kids Diffusers

  • Provides children with a fun and interactive way to learn about essential oils
  • Transforms any space into an exciting, aroma-filled atmosphere

Cautions: Keep out of reach of children. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult a health professional prior to use. For all other safety and care information, refer to the Dino Land Diffuser Operation Manual.

Complementary Products for the Dino Land and Dolphin Reef Diffusers

  • Lavender Essential Oil
  • Brain Power™ Essential Oil Blend
  • Joy™ Essential Oil Blend
  • Peace & Calming II™ Essential Oil Blend
  • Gentle Baby Essential Oil Blend

Watch this video to see how the Dino Land and Dolphin Reef Diffusers are used…

 Home Diffuser (item #4683)

The Home Diffuser emits essential oils into the air using ultrasonic technology to safely eliminate odors. Using unadulterated Young Living essential oils in the Home Diffuser is a natural alternative to synthetic air fresheners.

This diffuser combines a humidifier, air purifier, atomizer, and aromatherapy diffuser into one product that safely releases essential oils into the air to eliminate odors and create a spa-like atmosphere.

The Home Diffuser, when purchased separately, includes free 5 ml bottles of citrus fresh and lavender essential oils.

To Use the Home Diffuser, fill well with distilled or purified water, add 8–12 drops of the desired essential oil, and turn on diffuser.

NOTE: This diffuser is included in the Premium Starter Kit with Home – order starter kit #5462

Watch this video for step-by-step instructions…

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TheraPro™ Premium Diffuser (item #4495)

The most advanced essential oil diffuser for targeted therapy, the new TheraPro diffuser utilizes revolutionary nebulizer technology for long-lasting results. This technology turns essential oils into micro-sized particles that enter the air more quickly and give your body instant benefits.

The TheraPro diffuser is an atomizing diffuser that features durable, high-quality components built to withstand repeated use in any environment.

The ideal way to experience the healing benefits of essential oils, the TheraPro diffuser features state-of-the-art oil-atomizing technology, the ability to attach Young Living essential oil bottles directly to the diffuser, a built-in timer, and settings for both duration and volume of oil output during use.

The TheraPro Diffuser can be used in treating and preventing mold problems. You will want to turn the dial on to the highest setting and diffuse non-stop for a minimum of 24 hours, learn more about using Thieves and diffusing for mold.

Watch this video to learn about how to set up and use the TheraPro Diffuser…

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Aria™ Ultrasonic Diffuser (item #4524)

The Aria Ultrasonic Diffuser combines the latest in diffuser technology with a modern, spa-like design.

Natural materials like a durable American maple base and glass dome direct the essential oil vapor. The matching wood remote control allows you to turn on the Aria diffuser from any spot in the room.

Choose from 12 minutes of relaxing music played through internal speakers or plug in a personal music player with the provided AV cord and listen to the music of your choice. The new Aria diffuser is an attractive way to share your love of essential oils with others and enjoy the relaxing benefits at home or at work.

The Aria Ultrasonic Diffuser includes: 5ml bottles of Tangerine and Peppermint essential oils.

NOTE: This diffuser is included in the Premium Starter Kit with Aria – order item #5465

Watch this video on how to set up and use the Aria Diffuser…

Bamboo Diffuser (item #4592)

The Bamboo Diffuser utilizes ultrasonic technology to break up the mixture of essential oils and water into extremely fine microparticles and disperses the ingredients in essential oils into the air. It provides an excellent method of calming and moisturizing to build a healthy, natural, and pure living environment.

Features include an LED light; an elegant, bamboo-inspired design; and timer settings for 1 or 4 hours of continuous diffusion. The diffused molecules cover up to 30 square meters. The Aroma Diffuser comes with free 5ml essential oil bottles of Tangerine and Peppermint.

Dimensions: Height – approximately 25.2 cm Width – approximately 12.6 cm Depth – approximately 7.5 cm.

The Bamboo Diffuser works just like the Home diffuser, see video above.

NOTE: This diffuser is included in the Premium Starter Kit with Bamboo – order starter kit #5464

AromaLux™ Atomizing Diffuser (item #4695)

The AromaLux™ Atomizing Diffuser functions as an aroma diffuser, air purifier, and atomizer in one simple-to-use product. Its atomizing technology transforms essential oils into a vapor of millions of microparticles, dispersing them into the air and releasing the powerful plant constituents found in Young Living essential oils. Designed by D. Gary Young and available exclusively through Young Living, the AromaLux incorporates proprietary design principles, technology and features to simplify and enhance the aromatherapy experience.

The AromaLux utilizes a robust array of settings, including a master timer control off switch with 1–10 hours of diffusion; vapor volume control; diffusion run timer (1–20 minutes); diffusion pause timer (1–20 minutes); and 5 different LED display light settings. Accommodates 5-ml and 15-ml Young Living essential oil bottles. The AromaLux can transform any space into an inviting, aroma-filled atmosphere.

The AromaLux comes with a free 15-ml bottle of Thieves essential oil.

Dimensions: 13cm Wide x 13cm Deep x 14.7cm Tall.

Dewdrop DiffuserThe Dewdrop Diffuser is one of many available | The Lavender Guides

Dewdrop™ Diffuser – This pretty diffuser is more than just an aromatic diffuser, the Dewdrop also functions as a humidifier and atomizer in one simple-to-use product.

Inspired by the purity and elegance of a drop of dew, its features include a replaceable ultrasonic plate and simplified, single-mode operation, making the Dewdrop a great addition to any household.

The Dewdrop Diffuser is an unltrasonic-type diffuser.

Currently the Dewdrop Diffuser cannot be ordered on its own…

NOTE: This diffuser is ONLY included in the Premium Starter Kit with Dewdrop – order starter kit #5463



Rainstone™ Diffuser (item #5331)

Diffusers and Diffusing + Nice Assortment of Diffusers From Young Living Essential Oils | The Lavender GuidesCombining state-of-the-art ultrasonic technology and traditional Chinese craftsmanship, Young Living’s Rainstone™ Diffuser provides a balanced convergence of the grounding element of earth with the enveloping and soothing powers of essential oil-infused mist. Created with an exquisite and rare purple clay found only in a small region of China, each Rainstone Diffuser is handmade using ancient craftsmanship passed down from generation to generation for more than 1,000 years.

The Rainstone requires 4-5 hours and dozens of hand-produced manufacturing steps to create–a skill set that requires at least three years of experience for each technician to perfect.

Young Living’s Rainstone has a robust feature set, including continuous ultrasonic diffusion at 1.7 million waves per second; 1, 2, 3, 6, and 8 hour settings with automatic shutoff; five soft LED light settings (blue, yellow, purple, alternating each color, and off); a negative ionizer; and a remote control.

The Rainstone’s elegant design and handcrafted artistry make it an exquisite piece of art to complement any décor and transform any space into an inviting, aroma-filled atmosphere.

Contents: 1 Rainstone™ Diffuser, 1 water cup, 1 remote control, 1 cleaning brush, 1 power adaptor.

The Rainstone™ Diffuser comes with 5-ml bottles of Peppermint and Tangerine essential oils.

Resin Burner + Bag of Frankincense Tears (item #4880)

As Gary Young traveled the Middle East to experience the frankincense trade, he quickly saw that the ancient use of burning resin has many modern-day applications. The resin’s essences relax, ground, and balance the emotions. Gary felt inspired to offer a resin burner to Young Living members who seek ways to connect with the earth. You can use the whispering essences from Young Living’s Resin Burner to transport yourself to the ancient lands of Arabia. Simply place a few pieces of resin on the burner and take in the aromatic spirit of the desert. The resin’s vapor will deepen your meditation and invite a sacred atmosphere. The Resin Burner also comes with a complimentary bag of frankincense resin (100 g).

  • The Old Testament references that resin was used in religious ceremonies as early as the time of Moses.
  • Burning frankincense and other precious resins became an integral part of Arabian culture—from healing rituals to using the vapor to help prayers rise to the heavens.
  • The resin burner is intended for aromatic use only.
  • Do not use essential oils with the resin burner.

See how to use the Resin Burner in this short video…

USB Orb™ Diffuser

The new portable USB Orb™ Diffuser is specially designed to be spill-proof, making it ideal for the office, the car or at home, and provides intermittent (blue LED light) or continuous (green LED light) diffusion for up to 4.5 hours.

Its ultrasonic technology transforms water and essential oils into a vapor of millions of microparticles, dispersing into the air the powerful plant constituents found in Young Living essential oils.

Includes three essential oil wicks.

Dimensions: 10.5cm Tall x 9cm in Diameter

To use this diffuser: fill the base with tap water, add 5-6 drops of essential oil directly onto the oil diffuser wick, close the diffuser, and select intermittent or continuous diffusion. See instruction booklet for complete details.

Travel Fan Diffuser (item #4457)

Diffusers and Diffusing What You Need To Know To Select The Right One for Your Needs | The Lavender GuidesThe Young Living Travel Fan Diffuser gives you the benefits of diffusing away from home, making it a perfect choice for smelly, cars, classrooms, hospital rooms, and smelly hotel rooms! This diffuser is a perfect way to help relieve tension, dispel odors, and create an atmosphere of peace and harmony in the car, an office cubicle and hotel rooms. It works by blowing room temperature air across the pad that you have placed drops of the essential oil of your choice. The Travel Fan Diffuser is battery operated, quiet, and will gently scent a room up to 1,000 sq.ft. Easy to use: simply apply 15-20 drops of your favorite Young Living essential oil on the pad, slide the essential oil pad back into the pad holder, press down once on the on/off button to start the diffuser, and press the button to turn off. A green light will appear when the unit is functioning.

The Travel Fan Diffuser includes: 5 replacement pads, instruction booklet, and 5ml bottle of Lavender essential oil.

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