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Charles Kelsoe | The Lavender Guides

Charles Kelsoe

Young Living Distributor Member #1125585Charles Kelsoe, Young Living Distributor, Myrtle Beach, SC

Myrtle beach, SC

Phone: 843-213-9684

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I have been a Young Living member since December of 2010

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My Email: charles [at] usefuloils [dot] com

I once thought essential oils were…

Great for aromatherapy. I have come to learn that essential oils are for so much more! From the Old Testament to today oils in one form or another have been used to honor and heal.

My greatest appreciation of the Young Living essential oils is…​

I have come to appreciate the quality of Young Living essential oils. As I researched essential oils I found that many were not pure or were adulterated in an attempt to make the oil out to be a higher quality than it really is.

The Young Living essential oils helped me improve…

I have used Young Living essential oils to aid occasional issues in digestion, heal, sleep, and ​even cleaning!

What I now think about essential oils…

I think that​ ​quality essential oils are a welcome addition to my home. I am confident that the quality of the Young Living essential oils are top notch. I have proven that with the sensible use of essential oils I have improved my life.​

My favorite 4 essential oils are…

  1. Lavender
  2. Thieves
  3. Lemon (and all of the citrus oils)
  4. Peppermint

…and so many more ​- Peace and Calming, Pan Away, Sleep Essence (supplement), and so on.

If I could only share one tip with you right now, it would be…

Invest in your own health and well being. Prove for yourself the value of quality essential oils.

What having a Young Living Essential Oils business means to me…

I appreciate the Young Living Essential Oils business because I can start small and grow. Not only can I help myself I can also help others in a meaningful way.

Three things I find most satisfying about being a Young Living distributor…

​I most appreciate what the essential oils have done for me. I appreciate the opportunity to provide real help to others. And finally I appreciate the flexibility of being a distributor – I can grow my business on my terms and begin to build financial freedom.

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