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I have been a Young Living member since 1999

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I once thought essential oils were…

Not the most powerful part of the healing herbs. I used to think the ‘green’ part was where all the beneficial aspects came from. I didn’t know that the plant parts (leaves, stems, flowers and roots) produced the essential oil and it is the essential oil itself that contains all of the beneficial properties.

My greatest appreciation of the Young Living essential oils is…

The quality, which is beyond organic. This is in alignment with what I want in my life and household – no adulteration. I always look for the best quality because quality does matter.

The Young Living essential oils helped me improve…

I became interested in how products were made over 40 years ago. Our exposure to chemicals in the things we all use daily significantly increases the toxins in our body. When we minimize those chemicals we enjoy better health. I attribute my wellness to the things that I have minimized.

What I now think about essential oils…

Essential oils are by far the smartest thing we can bring into our lives that make the greatest difference in the quality of our lives. I wouldn’t live without them.

My favorite 4 essential oils are…

  1. Frankincense
  2. Thieves
  3. Copaiba
  4. Helichrysum

My top 4 favorite Young Living products are…

  1. NingXia Red juice (super high in antioxidants and minerals)
  2. Animal Scents Ointment (I use it in place of Neosporin!)
  3. Thieves AromaBright Toothpaste and Thieves Mouthwash
  4. Thieves Household Cleaner (a fantastic all-purpose cleaner that has replaced every cleaner in my home)

If I could only share one tip with you right now, it would be…

Diffusing Thieves or Purification essential oil regularly makes the house smell really good and is a huge part of keeping me well!

What having a Young Living Essential Oils business means to me…

My Young Living business provides the freedom to have control over what I do on a daily basis, I make my own schedule and work when I want to. Plus, I get to meet a lot of great people!

Three things I find most satisfying about being a Young Living distributor…

  1. The people I have met and get to work with.
  2. The positive difference I can make in someones life.
  3. Knowing that what I’m doing absolutely does make a difference in the big picture.

My background includes…

Landscape design, Labyrinth Design & Facilitation, Sacred Space in the home & landscape, Traditional Feng Shui Practitioner, Qi Gong, Distance Healing, and using essential oils since 1991.

Are you ready to make some changes to improve the things that you do have control over in your life?

I’m glad you said yes!

Many people ask me, “can I get wholesale pricing too?”

The answer is, yes!

You can become a “wholesale member” and take advantage of the cheaper  prices and you will not have to be a distributor. You also do not have to make a monthly purchase unless ‘you’ want to.

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