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Ashland, WI (Northern Wisconsin)

Phone: 715-292-4078

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I became a Young Living member May 2010

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I once thought essential oils were…

Just for aromatherapy… I thought they were mainly used in making candles and air fresheners just to make the house smell good. I really wish I had started learning more about EO’s long ago! It’s a “If I knew then what I know now” sort of thing that always makes me wish I had them to use for my whole life. I’m just grateful I’ve found Young Living’s 100% PURE oils so I can put them to use in so many ways!

My greatest appreciation of the Young Living essential oils is…

Knowing YL EO’s are safe enough to digest (meaning those oils which come from edible plants, not all plants are edible), because they are all 100% pure and unadulterated. It’s a good feeling knowing Young Living is a high quality company that rigorously tests the oils to be sure there is nothing in the bottle but the oils from the plant or the tree. There are other Essential Oil companies out there that claim to be 100% pure, but we know this as a fact and can rest assured we’re getting the best of the best. Knowing we’re the World Leader in Essential Oils is very comforting. I know I won’t find that with any other company which makes me very grateful for the high standards Young Living has set for us.

The Young Living essential oils helped me improve…

YL EO’s have improved so many areas in my life! Now that I’ve found this option using oils it has changed my life!

I am also saving lots of money in my personal life as well as in my house cleaning business since I converted to using Thieves Household Cleaner exclusively since there’s no need to buy different products for this or that. I don’t have to worry about reacting to the chemicals in other cleaners which is huge for me. I seriously use it for everything! I use it as a laundry soap and stain remover, on my windows, mirrors, glass tables, any and all floor surfaces, in my dishwasher instead of dishwashing soap, as a general purpose cleaner for countertops and on all the “hot spots” (areas that get touched daily like door knobs, light switches, etc) Because Thieves fights germs we don’t get sick or pass germs between us like we used to do prior to using Thieves HHC either!

My top 4 favorite Young Living products are…

  1. OmegaGize (a supplement)
  2. Longevity Softgels (a supplement)
  3. Lavender
  4. Thieves Household Cleaner

Three things I find most satisfying about being a Young Living distributor…

Having the oils on hand 24/7, being able to help others clear out the toxins in their lives and bodies and helping them live a healthier life in general, plus the ability to offer them the abundance from the business side of YL, & having financial abundance for my family and I without having a 8:00-5:00 job!

Are you ready to make some changes to improve the things you do have control over in your life?

I’m glad you said yes!

Many people ask me, “can I get wholesale pricing too?”

The answer is, yes!

You can become a “wholesale member” and take advantage of the cheaper  prices and you will not have to be a distributor. You also do not have to make a monthly purchase unless ‘you’ want to.

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