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Jennifer’s Story

Essential Oils, Nutrition, Massage, Skincare, Natural Whole Foods and Exercise are my passions in life. My approach to wellness is multifaceted. I believe there are many avenues to achieve health for a more natural lifestyle.

Have you ever heard the saying, “If all you have is a hammer, then all you see is a nail?” Basically this means if you have one idea or mindset of how to be well, that could limit learning about other methods of wellness that may be just as valid and beneficial.

I have an eclectic background which enables me to offer education on various subjects related to wellness. My philosophy is diversity equals optimal health. I believe Young Living Essential Oils should be an integral part of any complete wellness plan.

I’m so excited to share with you the numerous ways these products can assist in reaching a higher level of wellness.

We all have experiences which create our life story and bring us to the point where we are today. My journey in wellness expanded when I left home for college. I worked as a medical assistant in the field of Ophthalmology for over six years and along the way I attended school for Culinary Arts and went on to become licensed in Massage Therapy and Esthetics.

While in Massage school I was introduced to Young Living Essential Oils. I use them in my massage and facial treatments. My client’s always comment on the wonderful smells of the oils. I find that almost inevitably they fall asleep during their treatment. It’s as if their stress just melts away. Ahhhh.

My favorite classes in school were anatomy, physiology, nutrition, aromatherapy, and reflexology. Why? Because I enjoy learning about this amazingly complex body we’ve been blessed with- how things work and how we can stay healthy. Learning is so much fun. I love it!

As a skincare professional my greatest tip for beautiful and young looking skin is: nutrition, nutrition, nutrition. Focus on simple, natural, clean, whole foods. When I’m complimented on my skin people always ask, “What skincare products do you use?” I always laugh because I do use quality skincare products; however, I put a lot of emphasis on my food and dietary supplements first and foremost. Then I focus on exercise, skincare, and so forth. Simply put, “Great skin comes from within.”

I highly recommend quality, natural, skincare products that contain therapeutic-grade essential oils such as Young Living’s plant-based formulations in conjunction with a healthy diet. The Young Living skincare line, named ART (Age Refinement Technology) is free from harmful petrochemicals and is safe and effective for your home and family. Everyone’s skin is different and I know it can seem overwhelming at times when choosing which products are right for your skin type. I’m here to help, so please contact me when you have skin care questions.

My greatest appreciation and understanding of essential oils comes from knowing that the oils assist me in my quest for wellness and a lifestyle that limits my family’s exposure to unwanted chemicals. Young Living Essential Oils have helped me improve many aspects of my life.

Using the essential oils daily at home for personal use and to help improve my family’s health brings that level of diversity into my wellness plan that I’m looking to achieve. I love diffusing the oils – knowing that not only are they making my house smell good but they’re also increasing our wellness through inhalation. I’ve also used the oils for things such as: household cleaning, simple home remedies, moodiness, relaxation…. the list goes on. My goal has been to replace all of our household products, which contain harmful chemicals, with the Young Living oils to create a ‘Greener Home’.

To quote Gary Young, the founder of Young Living Essential Oils:

“I want you to know that Young Living is a company that has paid the dues and will continue to pay the price to find the answers to the problems that we’re dealing with in this world. That’s who we are and that’s what we will be.”

This company and the oils they produce are all about quality and in my opinion they’re the very best out there!

Whether you’re looking for more information about how to use essential oils and incorporate them into your natural wellness plan, how to buy them at a discount as a wholesale customer, or to share and work from home with your own Young Living business, please contact me. I’m happy to answer any questions you may have!

Thank you for visiting and I hope to hear from you soon.

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