January 2018 Monthly Freebies: Start Your New Year Off Right!

Start off your new year with a sense of purpose and motivation with a bundle of uplifting, wholesome products in this month’s PV promo!

With your qualifying order this month, you’ll receive a 5 ml bottle of PanAway® essential oil—a stimulating, invigorating blend to apply after your energizing workout. After working out to boost your mind and spirit, keep the positive energy flowing!

We’re also including a 15 ml bottle of Longevity™ essential oil blend, so you can treat your skin to freshness, too!

You’ll also receive Life 9®, a potent probiotic that can support your healthy immune system* as you take on new challenges.

Citrus Fresh™, a cheerful blend of essential oils with a positive aroma to brighten your efforts.

Add DiGize® Vitality™ essential oil blend to add a splash of wellness
support to your morning tea!*

100 PV Freebie

Retail Value: $ $18.42

  • Bonus Essential Rewards 5 ml DiGize Vitality Essential Oil

190 PV Freebie

Retail Value: $77.96

  • 30 ct. Life 9 (probiotic supplement)
  • Bonus Essential Rewards 15 ml Citrus Fresh Essential Oil Blend
  • Bonus Essential Rewards 5 ml DiGize Vitality Essential Oil Blend

250 PV Freebie

Retail Value: $126.32

• 15 ml Longevity Essential Oil Blend
• 30 ct. Life 9 (probiotic supplement)
• Bonus Essential Rewards 15 ml Citrus Fresh Essential Oil Blend
• Bonus Essential Rewards 5 ml DiGize Vitality Essential Oil Blend

300 PV Freebie

Retail Value: $174.02

5 ml PanAway® Essential Oil Blend

  • Start your morning strong. Soothe your muscles after yesterday’s workout with the cooling, stimulating sensation of PanAway and get ready to hit the ground running again today! Get invigorated. Use this proprietary blend with V-6™massage oil in a supercharged neck and shoulder massage.

15 ml Longevity™Essential Oil Blend

  • Take a fresh approach. Add Longevity to your morning skin care routine to promote youthful-looking skin.
  • Let your look match your outlook. Give your skin care routine a refreshing boost by mixing this essential oil blend in your skin care products.

Life 9®

  • Practice whole-life wellness. Take Life 9 to support healthy digestion* — every part of your body needs comfort and care!
  • Maintain your wellness. Working toward your goals comes easier when you feel your best. Take Life 9 daily to support your healthy immune system.*

Bonus Essential Rewards 15 ml Citrus Fresh™ Essential Oil Blend

  • Embrace the moment. Accept new opportunities with a positive attitude! Create a focused environment each morning with a burst of Citrus Fresh aroma in your diffuser.
  • Surround yourself with fresh vibes and keep uplifting aromas everywhere!
  • Add a few drops of Citrus Fresh to water and spray on linens and laundry for its fresh, invigorating scent.

Bonus Essential Rewards 5 ml DiGize® Vitality™ Essential Oil Blend

  • Boost your body. More night owl than morning person? Wake up, get
    moving, and add DiGize Vitality essential oil blend to your herbal tea with honey to support your digestive system.*
  • Travel wise. Hitting the road in the new year? Use DiGize Vitality as a
    supplement when you’re giving new foods a go.

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What is PV and How Do I Qualify to Get These Freebies?

“PV” is a value assigned to each Young Living essential oil and product, when you purchase items the PV of each is added up on your order, when your order reaches 100PV you qualify for the 100PV freebie, if your order totals 190PV you qualify to get the freebies in the 190PV, and so on.

“Bonus Essential Rewards” means those monthly promotions are only available to those who are on Young Living’s Essential Rewards monthly order program.

*Disclaimer: These statements are not intended to diagnose, treat or prescribe any condition, they are for educational purposes only. Please do your own research to educate yourself further on essential oils and please consult your physician when needed. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Young Living products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.



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